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NA3 - Internal and external communication

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NA3 has a two-fold objective: internally, to enhance the communication between partners, which is considered as the basis for all other activities, including networking, jointly executed research, and management and externally,to regulate and intensify the collaboration with outside partners by developing an electronic portal and implementing discussion with other relevant initiatives.


The success of the project will be dependent upon simple and reliable communications between partners and access to data. It is also important to develop a means to present the project information to stakeholders and others interested in the work, as part of the dissemination process.

The primary vehicle for achieving good communication will be a project website which will be based on web portal with a restricted access site for exchange of confidential project data, and a freely accessible public area for rapid dissemination of project information. The restricted access data portal will include a secure project management electronic office to facilitate document archiving, the sharing of data and project management information, such as financial return forms and information on completed milestones. Regular communication will be achieved via e-mail and VOIP for regular virtual project, or workpackage group meetings. All partners will contribute to management activities.


NA3 will fully exploit the highly interactive communication opportunities that are facilitated by the Internet, such as virtual meetings, document exchange, virtual databases and interactive information queries. However, they will be completed by other vectors such as brochure and leaflet if deemed relevant. Implications and potential relevance of project will be widely publicised among the potential user communities. In particular it is important to develop a means to present non-confidential project information to stakeholders and others interested in the work, as part of the ongoing dissemination process.

The primary vehicle for publicising project activities will be a project website which will be integrated into the Web Portal linking together local web sites and databases. In addition the project will develop a one page information sheet (project fact sheet) and other "publicity" material, such as information leaflets, to disseminate the information and the achievements of the project directly. The instruments of the EC will be used to present the project to the wider community, and especially policy makers, e.g. through the Cordis website, and interesting findings and progress reported regularly on the weekly news letter, “Cordis Express”.

NA3 Leader

  • Parco Tecnologico Padano (Italy)

Task leader NA3.1 - NA3.2 - NA3.3 :INRA (France)

Task Leader NA3.4 :Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen (Netherlands)

Task Leader NA3.5 and NA3.6 :Parco Tecnologico Padano (Italy)

Involved partners

  • All the partners