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Project management

Project Management (MA)has a three-fold objective:

  • At the strategic level, it will steer the project so it addresses all unexpected situations, be these scientific, technological, or societal.
  • At the operational level, it will ensure that the project progresses in conformity with the work plan with regard to overall progress, milestones, deliverables, and planned resources.
  • At the organisational level, it will optimise the infrastructural setup to support the project, with special attention paid to financial, logistics, information, coordination issues and in terms of quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures.

Work breakdown

  • MA1 - Strategic steering
  • MA2 - Project monitoring
  • MA3 - Consortium coordination

MA leader

  • MA1 - INRA (France)
  • MA2 - INRA et INRA Transfert (France)
  • MA3 - INRA et INRA Transfert (France)