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Protein structure
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Below are listed a number of scientific NADIR websites.

The Immunological Toolbox

The Immunological Toolbox is a data base dedicated to farm animal immunology tools that list most of available research reagents specific for farm animals cells, tissues or molecules.

It has been developed in close collaboration by members of the Veterinary Immunology Symposium consortium, and is headed by Gary Entrican from Moredun Research Institute and Joan Lunney from USDA.

The website :

  • Entrican, G. & Lunney, J. Veterinary Immunology Committee Toolkit Workshop 2010: Progress and plans. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 148, 197-201 (2012).


A number of tables and files from the NADIR activities can also be consulted through the Keywords Database  (adresse http ......)  which  contains schematic descriptions of the available resources and databases of each partner:

  • species
  • line
  • description
  • source/availability
  • email contacts and text notes