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Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA )

Chicken - one month)

Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA )
Campus Universitat Autònoma Barcelona

08193 Bellaterra



Laboratory involved: Animal facilities and laboratories in the BSL3 facility

Research topics

Research models and experience available for the following diseases:

  • Swine: African swine fever, classical swine fever, PRRS, Hepatitis E, PCV2, Torque-teno virus,
  • Ruminants: Bluetongue, Rift Valley fever (sheep), Border Disease
  • Poultry: HPAI (poultry and other commercial avian species), West Nile fever (only laboratory), Gumboro, Infectious Bronchitis
  • Research on other diseases is also possible, provided that reference materials, protocols and techniques are supplied by the access group (for example, PPRV, Newcastle Disease, Infectious laryngotracheitis)

Contact person

David Solanes Foz

Director de Serveis i Responsable d'Unitat de Biocontenció

Tel.: +34 93 581 44 93

Fax: +34 93 581 44 90

Activities and services

Animal housing for experimental procedures, laboratory for standard procedures with samples obtained during the experiment.

Copyright : CReSA

Description of the access to provide

For 2010:Two boxes are already reserved, from 10 of March (entry of animals) to 21 of April (finish of the animal phase of the study).

Access unit is typically comprised of one-month period with availability of two experimental boxes. One week of acclimatation of animals is desired. Four dys are employed in preparing of boxes and posterior cleaning and disinfection; therefore typically a three-four weeks experiment is expected. Boxes have 11 m2 for animal housing. Number of groups is calculated according welfare regulations depending of the weight of the animals at the end of the study. Personnel for keeping of animals and manipulations for sampling are provided. Laboratory personnel support is not included, but access to laboratory equipment is granted for experienced and trained users, under supervision. A detailed study protocol must be agreed at least 1 month before the start of the experiment.

Equipment available: standard laboratory equipment, including centrifuges, cabinets and incubators, small laboratory equipment and consumables. A cell sorter is available into BSL3 laboratory. Specific materials and consumables may be also provided under request. General consumables and use of equipment are charge to the access cost. Exit of samples to non BSL3 facilities is restricted to previous inactivation treatments
N° of access to provide : 8

Number of participants accepted:

2 scientists/technical persons for each unit of access is the usual number of participants accepted.

Travel and subsistence costs

  • Travel (economy or tourist class from the place of departure to CReSA, and return), accommodation (on presentation of justification documents), subsistence (according to daily allowance established for Spain, which is 37,40 € for 2009)

Conditions of participant involvement

Background knowledge in sheep immunology, sheep infectious disease, immune mechanism or livestock immunogenetics research is required.

After the end of each project the candidate will:

  • Submit a short report
  • Fill a questionnaire available on-line at:
  • The participant is entitled to publish the results of its work at the infrastructure in the open literature.All publications resulting from the project should acknowledge this EC-support by mentioning : “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 228394”
  • Proprietary research (research where results are not generally available to the public or only made available under confidentiality arrangements) cannot be supported.
  • Travel and subsistence expenses linked to the access will be reimbursed upon approval of the report. Reimbursements will be done according to administrative rules of each hosting organisation.
  • For more information about transnational access conditions, see the ANNEX III to the Grant Agreement - Infrastructures

Infrastructure ethical rules

The facility follows ethical rules of the ethical committee of the UAB. A previous submission of the experimental protocol is needed (1 month in advance) for requesting authorisation. This document has a standardized format, and can be filled up in English. Help is provided for ensuring that the needed information is provided

Recent publications (2009)

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