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Engagement conditions

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After the end of a project achieved within the framework of NADIR transnational access activitiesand respecting to the European Commission, the appointed group leader should:

  1. Submit a short report
  2. Fill a questionnaire available on-line at:
  3. The applicant group is entitled to publish the results of its work at the infrastructure in the open literature. All publications resulting from the project should acknowledge the access facility to the EC-support by mentioning : “The access to [name of your preferred facility] was founded by the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 228394”
  4. Proprietary research (research where results are not generally available to the public or only made available under confidentiality arrangements) cannot be supported.
  5. Travel and subsistence expenses linked to the access will be reimbursed upon approval of the report. Reimbursements will be done according to administrative rules of each hosting organisation.
  6. For more information about transnational access conditions, see the         ANNEX III to the Grant Agreement - Infrastructures

We draw up your attention on the fact that some facilities may request additional conditions. Please refer to the description of your preferred facility